Coming Soon: Parental Alienation Journal Seminar Series

Are you a mental health or legal professional who would like to learn more about the empirical basis for parental alienation? Would you like to brush up on your knowledge of scientific methodology and how to communicate this information better to the public (e.g., family courts, policy-makers, the media)?  Then please consider joining this bi-weekly seminar series.

There have been several hundred studies on parental alienation published in 10 languages through 2020 (Harman, Warshak, Lorandos, & Florian, 2022), and many more since that time. Forty percent of what we know on the topic has been published since 2016, so it falls to professionals working with families to update their knowledge base to better serve them.

Seminar format

  • Prior to each seminar, registrants will receive a PDF of the article(s) that will be discussed. It is expected that participants will read the article(s) carefully and attend the seminar prepared with questions.
  • All seminars will take place on-line for 90 minutes. Seminars will be recorded so that the content can still be viewed by people at a later time.
  • Dr. Harman will review each assigned article with registrants, and then an open discussion will commence whereby registrants can discuss practical implications of the research as a group.

Seminar fees and continuing education (CE) credits

  • Each seminar costs $30 to attend, whether live or as a prerecorded video.
  • If a registrant would like to obtain CE credits for attending this seminar series, please contact the professional association you belong to and request details on how to apply for credits. Dr. Harman can then work with you to request that the seminar series be approved for you.