Case Consultation

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Dr. Harman is an expert on parental alienation research, and she collaborates closely with many legal and mental health professionals who work with families affected by this problem.

For legal professionals, she strongly recommends that they consult with an attorney who has extensive experience litigating parental alienation cases. Parental alienation cases are exceptionally challenging to litigate and lawyers who are not trained to litigate these cases often fail to effectively represent their clients. For example, no matter how many years of experience a family law attorney has, unless he/she understands the empirical foundations of the assessment and diagnosis of parental alienation, or why particular interventions are effective and others are not for the treatment of the problem, they cannot effectively build a case or capitalize on the expertise of a variety of experts (beyond the use of custody evaluators alone). Dr. Harman can provide referrals to legal professionals who can provide such expertise if it is needed on a case.

Dr. Harman can serve as a consulting expert on legal cases, which can involve helping to strategize trial strategy, prepping expert witnesses on the scientific basis of parental alienation, assisting with the preparation of cross-examination of opposing witnesses, etc. These services are provided on an hourly basis.

She is also available to partner with custody evaluators as an expert to assist with the assessment/diagnosis of parental alienation. Please contact Dr. Harman directly to set up an appointment to discuss such a partnership.

If you are interested in setting up a consultation appointment, either on a regular or an as-needed basis, you can contact us book your appointment here.