Previous Seminar Recordings

Recordings from previous seminars in the PA Journal Seminar series are available for purchase. Paid registrants for the live seminar have 1 year access to the videos, and all others can rent or purchase access. Just click on the icon below for the seminar you are interested in accessing!

Seminar 1 Topics Covered

Parental alienation; domestic violence; child abuse; U.S. law; peer-review process; open science practices; regression; control variables; replicability; sampling; generalizability, p-hacking.

Seminar 2 Topics Covered

Parental alienation; domestic violence; child abuse; Canadian law; peer-review process; confirmatory versus exploratory analyses; minimizing bias in qualitative data analysis; population versus sample; false positives; bivariate analyses; direct versus conceptual replications; reproduction of studies and findings; base rate fallacy

Seminar 3 Topics Covered

Parental alienation; loyalty conflicts; estrangement; classification; typologies; self-report methods; observational methods; physiological methods; mixed methods; structural equation modeling (SEM); qualitative research; grounded theory; inductive and deductive coding; minimizing researcher bias